When is it no longer a school bus?

No Mo Seats!

This is 6! We’re assuming that a new name will emerge eventually, but we’re giving her time to speak. It’s certainly still a school bus from the outside; stop sign, yellow paint, and Hood River School District still distinguishible beneath the black rectangles of paint. The nostalgia of the bus doors slapping open is particularly poignant, and may prove to be a continuous reminder of her origins, at least for me.

The inside is another story. The seats have been removed, along with the candy wrappers, bubble gum, and homework assignments stuffed under them. Serious sweeping and scrubbing required. Also removed were the seven laminated “For Your Safety” signs instructing students to keep their shit together and not cause a ruckus(essentially). This picture was a couple weeks back, post seat removal and pre-cleaning. That’s the used veggie oil we’re stocking up on so we can leave with full tanks of fuel(more on that later). This process was not particularly rewarding buuuuut…..

Here she is all shiny n’ squeaky! It was quite a chore due to some coolant leakage from removing the back heater(moving it up front, so it’s not under the bed). I fortunately(hehe!) was in town at school on that day. Joel, being the awesome dude he is, did it all by his lonesome. She’s shaping up, and with the windows open and the sun shining in, I can’t help but see summertime and the open road from our future traveling home!

It may be some time before she looks it, but I’m certainly beginning to feel it.


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