We’re getting warmer!

   The weekend! While it means no school for me, more importantly it means working on the bus! The physical work is a welcome change from using my brain all week. Like I’m doing now, since its Monday again. Join me as I reminiesce about the past few days?

   Joel brought the bus into town Thursday night to talk to some metal workers about building a roof rack for us. We decided to wait on that however, the scheduling wasn’t lining up with them, and it’s not on the top of our priorities list. But, this means another thrip in the bus for me! After stocking up on groceries, and some free pallets we found on the side of the road(they’re not in the best condition, but at the very least, we can burn them in the bonfire at my birthday party in May), we were off!

Tsunami is becoming more accustomed to bus trips. I however, am really looking forward to getting comfy seats put in(ever heard of an air-ride bench seat? We want to find one for the front).

Friday began sunny and awesome. We got the bus cleared out, and got straight to cutting the insulation for the floor. Super easy with box knife and a straight edge. We’re using 3/4″ insulation, with an R-4 rating. While it was still sunny, it began to rain, which turned into a full-fledged rain storm. Thunder and lightning too! We had a great view from the dry workspace of the bus!

We got it done that night with no major mis-cuts, and due to a miscalculation(whoops!), we have four extra insulation sheets. We’re discussing using them as removable insulation over the windows? We’ll cut them down to size and paint/cover them, and then store them in the cavity under the bed. We want our windows to remain as uncovered as possible, and this way we can insulate as needed.

We got one piece of wood put in Friday night, but it was pushing 10 o’clock, we were tired, and a few beers in. That was enough hand saw for us. Sleepy time!


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