Paving the way for the floor!

Ehlo everyone(that’s my British accent)! Bus time here. Quick update of what we’ve been up to:

On our lovely voyage to Home Depot we also picked up some expanding foam insulation for z holes in z floor. Four holes for every seat on the bus. There’s a layer of wood in the floor that needed protection from potential moisture, and while spray insulation is pretty terrible for the environment, a very minimal amount was required for the floor.

So then there was the question of how much to use? We inserted the spray nozzle and just started squirting it in? How much will it expand? We used what we thought wasn’t very much, but the next day there was quite a few piles of extra foam that came out of the bottom. Whoops. Less next time.

Now that that’s dry, the last step before installing the floor: boxes around the wheel wells! Joel has a stack of leftover 2×4’s from various projects which are coming in handy for the small amount of framing we want to do. But you know what would make them even better? If they were 2×2’s! Lucky for us, we have a super awesome old couple for neighbors, who have tons of tools, including a table saw! Woot! They also have a bunch of goats, and a black fluffy dog that Tsunami plays with through the fence. Yay for neighbors!

Yeah, tools are awesome. Now we have a stack of 2×2’s, much more practical for bus framing. And it went so quick, Joel was able to get all the wheel boxes put in that day, and the first section of floor insulation! Ok, it may not seem like much, but he gets applause for doing it all by himself. AND this means, we’re ready for the floor!


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