Flooring with Friends

   Saturday morning! It’s sunny and warm and we have the whole day ahead of us to finish the floor! Ok, we may have slept in till almost noon (we may have stayed up playing EverQuest), but we’re up now and ready to work!

   Measure twice, cut once. Its working pretty well for us. While it may take longer to remeasure everything, we’re in no hurry, and the important thing is for it to look good when we’re done. And to have fun while we’re working, which is why we’re listening to a super awesome Pandora station of 90’s music.

   Everything was going pretty well with our little handsaw(I’m pretty good at it if you ask me). Until Joel’s roommate Johnny let us use his Husky manual saw. Sweet! Totally faster.

   And then my brother James showed up to help! Holy moly, an extra pair of hands help so much. He also brought us coffee. I will never forget that magical act of kindness. We were able to get all the floor pieces cut out pretty quick, with the exception of a particularly pesky piece is the middle where the bus bowed in a bit.  I took on the job of sweeping up the sawdust, until we had the brilliant idea to vacuum. Yes, I like to keep a tidy bus.

   When the floor was all laid, we went to town to get carbide drill bits to screw the floor in. We may have picked up hard cider, chips, and a bunch of ripe avocado as well. Joel made us some awesome guacamole. It was a party size bowl, which we finished off, no problem.

   James and Joel went to town on the floor, and I cut out pieces of insulation to cover the wheel wells. Two floor boards in, James broke his drill bit, and Joel’s was getting dull. Hmm, more bits next time.

  Oh well, it was getting late by now. We spent some time hanging out in the bus with Johnny and James, eating that delicious gaucamole, and discussing ways to heat the bus. It felt really good to have other’s input on the bus, and have them interested. For now there’s only two planned bus inhabitants(any takers? We’ll be building beds soon!), but we’re totally stoked to share the process with as many as possible. Come help!?

One Response to “Flooring with Friends”
  1. tayloraroa says:

    Giant T-shirt! YES!

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