Building Begins

    The floor’s all drilled in! We’ll sand it and coat it with polyurethane as the last step, after we’ve planned out everything we’re building in. Now we get to build stuff! Starting from the back, with slats for the bed. Joel has a brand new king size memory foam bed(soooper comfy) that fits perfectly in the back, with room for a cubby and shelves to the side. The bed will sit on the back bench and then on the slats, which are drilled into the ledges on the walls. To get the bed in we’ll take out a few windows, which sounds relatively easy according to what we’ve read on the Skoolie forums.

   Here’s Joel’s super awesome sketch-up of the cubby(he’s super into the word cubby). Along side the bed will be a 14″x81″ cavity for blankets, pillows, and whatever else we can shove in. Above will be two shelves the length of the bed, presumably for folded clothes. The 2×2’s Joel cut with the neighbors table saw will do nicely for this project!

   We decided to build directly into the bus, to ensure everthing fit correctly in its place. Awesome plan, except we encountered some pretty wonky screw angles. A few screws had to be done by hand, when the drill just didn’t fit.

   Aak! Ok, its a terrible picture, but it was taken by my no-flash iPhone at night. The framing’s all done, and we’ll finish it off with plywood on the side up to the first shelf, and then two plywood shelves. I’m hoping we get lucky and t-shirts don’t decide to fly off the top shelf at a sharp turn. If so, a ledge around the edge should solve it.

   It all took a bit longer than expected, but I feel really good about the finished product. Every day we work on the bus I get more inspired and excited. I’m also learning alot about constuction. Joel’s incredibly patient with me, he’s been building stuff since he was a kid, while I’m still timid with a drill. But I’m improving everyday! Woot! Till next time friends…


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