Inspirational Moment

Good day friends!   I’m going to take a break from updating for a moment to share some other conversions I’ve come across during my travels on the interwebs! First up is a bus for sale that I came across looking at the blog of Lloyd Kahn, who is the editor-in-chief of Shelter Publications, as well as the author of Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter. Here’s the picture of the bus, which was converted by a family last summer/fall. They’re selling it now to fund a move to Alaska.

The thought of selling such a beautiful bus seems tragic to me. Some serious heart was put into this project! It’s a bit too homestead, not enough mobile for our current intentions with the bus, inspiring nonetheless. Maybe when we find a place to park it we’ll raise the roof?

While we’re on the subject, I’ll share some photos I’ve come across on Skoolie that I thought were rather nifty.

There’s a whole gallery of photos of buses that have a second vehicle mounted on top?!

The most common seemed to be a VW bus on a bus. Which, I suppose, if you’re handy with metalwork, and have a broken VW laying around, is a totally rad way to go about acquiring some much-needed head room. My only concern is, again, how it would affect mobility, i.e. gas mileage.  But needless to say, anyone who mounts a boat on a bus deserves a round of applause!

On a more practical note, Joel and I have seriously discussed putting up a roof rack. Something simple where we could store bikes and possibly luggage. It sounded like a giant undertaking to me, and then I saw this gallery of Ragbrai buses with some pretty intense roof racks. Bike storage, indeed! I like this one on the Team Reckless bus. Seems unobtrusive but super practical and useful. Future project?Burning Man bus

Regardless of what undertakings we decide to undertake down the road(hehe), I think it’s safe to say we’ll certainly have her looking spiffy for Burning Man in August!

Well, its been fun to dream… Now back to work.


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