A Day in the Life

Good Morning!

Tsunami, its a glorious day! Why the serious face? Oh yes, you are bummed because it is waaaaaay too early, and you are awake because Brittney has to go to work. Do not fret, you get to go to the farm and work on the bus today!

   But first, you must accompany Joel to drop Brittney off at work for the day, and then watch Joel stuff his face with muffin from Black Sheep Bakery.

   And then? Sit in the car while Joel goes to the gym! But you can nap, and that is a good thing, because you will need all  the energy you can get when you get to the farm!

                                                                               Last stop Trader Joe’s, for some food for Joel . Lots of  energy needed for working on the bus!! Mmm, Tofurky sausages…

   You guys are rather lucky that today is the most beautiful day so far this year. It’s the perfect opporunity to coerce a friend into coming up to the farm to work. And what’s that? Brandon totally wants to help!

   Remember that cubby and shelves that needed finishing? Piece of cake for Joel and  Brandon!

   All that extra wood(hmm, math) from the floor will suit the cubby nicely. And mask any mistakes in the framing(hehehe). It’ll be a super canvas for Beta to do some awesome collaging!

   Lookin’ great dudes! Yes, I mean the cubby, not your bare chests.

   One last project before the day is over: Since Brandon was so super cool and helped with the bus today, he gets a tattoo done by Joel!

   It’s the twelfth tarot card, the hanged man. Good choice man. Come help another day and get it filled in!

   Phew! All together a pretty rad day! Till next time friends!


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