Where will the bus take us?

This is how excited I am about the bus project! I’m also practicing my skills for when we have dance parties on the bus after we install outdoor speakers and party lights(hopefully!).

Another one of our plans is to go to the Rainbow Gathering on the East coast in July. For a quick info session on the gathering you can go to the Wikipedia page here, or an unofficial website here. For me is an awesome opportunity to camp in the woods with other like-minded people. I learn knew things, meet new people, and get to witness amazing levels of love and community in action.

In fact, Joel and I met last year at the Washington Annual Gathering. I had been to four previous gatherings, and it was Joel’s first. It was by far my least favorite gathering. Due to the site’s proximity to Seattle and Portland, the number of attendees was massive, especially the number who had never been before, many of whom didn’t seem to know what the gathering is really all about.

I did, however, have a really great time helping at various kitchens, including kneading dough at Lovin’ Ovens, and gathering wood for the East Wind Community Kitchen. One night while sitting around the heart-shaped firepit(which I helped shape earlier that day) at East Wind, someone asked me to hold their puppy so they could go play glow-in-the-dark frisbee. This of course was Joel and Tsunami. Later Joel returned and I overheard him say to the man he was sitting next to that he was from Portland. We started talking and I eventually found out that it was Joel’s first night there, and his sleeping bag and pillow were at home on his dining room table. I knew from the past few nights how freezing it got at night, so offered up the tent I was sharing with my friend Meagan.

It should be noted that I would not normally be this giving of my awesome snuggling abilities, but Joel is probably the least creepy-seeming dude I’ve ever met, and knowing that we were neighbors helped too. And then there was the joke he told me: You know you’re a hipster when your only flashlight is a bike light(which  of course his was). This dude definitely deserved a place to crash.

The next morning we woke up and shared a breakfast of my homemade granola with goji berries and chocolate soymilk with Meagan. What came next is the interesting part. The night before someone at the fire had been passing out weed truffles, and coincidentally, Joel and I had both pocketed ours. Neither Joel nor I smoke much, and he had never eaten weed food before. The day that followed included lots of sitting in meadows and walking along trails following Meagan. And for Joel, it included lots of lucid dreams and hallucinations. Good thing we were there to take care of him, and Meagan was there to take care of Tsunami.

Ugh, Joel definitely learned his lesson, and I think I can safely say there will be no more weed food in his future. But the light at the end of the tunnel is that when Joel and I returned to Portland, we became friends. And when October rolled around and Joel started talking about an epic bus adventure, I hopped eagerly on board.

Where exactly the bus will take us is mostly yet to be determined, but I guarantee it will be interesting!


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