Moving Sale at the Wash World

   Moving sales are hard work! Most garage-sale-goers, whom we were trying to reach with our multiple Craigslist ads, like to wake up early and get their shopping done before I normally eat my breakfast. Waking up early and committing oneself to not leaving the house till late afternoon can be taxing. With the exception of Emalee staying a few hours on Friday, it was only Joel and I running the sale.

By Sunday afternoon we decided it was time to take a lunch break. We closed up shop, put an ‘Out to Lunch’ sign on the door, and headed up to the Sweet Hereafter for sandwiches. Super amazingly delicious vegan sandwiches. I’m down with the Steve Martin, which has Jerk-marinated tofu and grilled pineapple. Joel likes the buffalo sub, which is slightly spicy and delightfully messy.

On our walk up we encountered some people selling clothes and photo prints in the parking lot of the loooong out of business Wash World right next to my house. And guess what? They had tons of customers!

So, obviously, on our walk home we asked them if they would mind us peddling our wares along side them. They were cool with it, so we went upstairs and moved the moving sale! Business boomed! We sold most of the furniture in the first ten minutes, tons of clothes, and shoes and nic-nacs. My friend Meagan showed up to help, which meant plenty of relief for pee breaks and trips to bring more stuff downstairs.

Business was so good that the sale went late. By the time we moved the remnants back upstairs, there was time for was a shower, quick dinner, and sleep.

Which left packing up and moving out for today! In addition to cleaning out the apartment! Eeek!

Leave it to the bus to save the day! Joel drove the Mercedes wagon(her name is Candice) up to Washougal to fetch 6, and left me to box everything up. Emalee came over and began the cleaning.

When Joel returned we loaded up 6, barely in time for me to make it to school(four days left, its driving me crazy). I think I’ll be returning after class to finish cleaning the apartment.

Oh man, am I stoked to be almost free!

View from my bedroom window, last one ever!

Joel after moving my filing cabinet packed with art supplies down the stairs. Like a boss.


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