Moving Sale!!

   I have a confession to make: I have(had?!) a lot of stuff. I’ve lived in the same apartment for two years and managed to accumulate, umm, a bunch. I’m moving out and moving up to Washougal to be closer to the bus, and there’s no way all this stuff is coming with. I am super talented at procrastinating and doing a million things at once also, so this is what my bedside looked like last week.

Today is the last of the month, and my last in said apartment! This last weekend was spent hosting a sizely moving sale out of my house. The approach I took was to box up only that which I could not live without, and leave the rest as it stood to be sold(There was also the criteria of, is there any possible reason we may need this on a bus?).

This is how the living room looked by Friday morning. My sister Dawn brought over a few boxes of things to sell, and helped set everything out so it would look attractive to a potential buyer’s eye. (Thanks Dawn, it looked awesome!) Joel and I made huge signs with red paint and packing paper; Emalee made an A-frame on Lucy’s art easel for the sidewalk; We opened the front door, and we were ready for business!

Advice: if you’re going to have a yard sale in a second story apartment, have plenty to keep you occupied while you wait for customers. We tried to make the front door look as welcoming as possible, but the mountain of stairs that one is required to climb to enter the house made it not the most appealing sale to meander into. I can’t blame them either, really, as my garage-saling usually consists of me only stopping if I see something that catches my eye as I pass, which was not an option here.

My answer to this problem was to begin a latch-hook kit that I’ve had for years and not yet attempted. This worked for Friday and Saturday, but by Sunday we were stir crazy. What will the answer be? How will we get people to buy my stuff?

To be continued….


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