First Night on the Bus

   I’m officially moved out of my apartment! After I went to school yesterday Joel, Emalee, Lucy, and our friend Joey  painstakingly scrubbed over the whole place with a fine tooth comb. They did a lovely job and I’m eternally grateful!

   This is all my stuff plus a futon and frame that Joel found on the side of the road yesterday, both pieces found separately! We decided to park the bus by Emalee’s new apartment and spend the night, since we both had to be in Portland to do things today anyways.

   And here is my bed in the back on the frame we made. One last night sleeping on it, I’m selling it to someone tomorrow. I hung up a tapestry for privacy and we borrowed some pillows and blankets from Emalee; My bedding is in Candice, which is up in Washougal now.

   Last night was pretty darn fun. Joel and I were both giddy with excitement about spending our first night in the bus. It was an amazing feeling to be laying in bed, looking up at the green metal ceiling, and thinking, ‘Wow, we’re home!’

  All went rather well. We had plenty of blankets, and I hung up a sheet on the other side of the bed to block the street light. The bus was parked at a slight angle though, so we ended up getting squished against the bus wall. Lesson: pay more attention to parking on super flat ground. I think Joel’s memory foam bed could potentially help too, as you don’t move much once the bed forms a place for you.

   We’re not self-contained yet though. We both woke up having to pee reeeal bad. Emalee was kind enough to let her use her house for showers and things this morning. To repay her I decided to make her breakfast. We went to Grand Central Bakery for bread(the peasant loaf, a rye/wheat sourdough, yum!) and Kruger’s farm stand for veggies. Turned out rather nicely. It’ll be so awesome when we won’t have to leave the bus for showering and cooking, but until then, we’ll get by with a little help from our friends.

   To end, here’s a video of my first lesson on closing the bus door. It’s harder than one might think!

2 Responses to “First Night on the Bus”
  1. wafflewafflewaffle says:

    Your breakfast was rawsome!

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