Night Two

Important update! I successfully closed the bus door on only my second try this morning. Woot! Someday soon I will be giving the lessons and making it look easy.

We spent our second night on the bus. It was even colder last night, in the mid-forties, and we were still toasty under our layer of blankets. The biggest upset was Tsunami growling in the wee hours of the morning over sounds he heard outside. Chill Tsunami.

Leaving the bus this morning to take Tsunami to pee, a cheery old man came out of the front door of the house we were parked in front of. He informed me that the house was a home for individuals with disabilities and asked if we would move our bus forward a few feet so their van with wheelchair access could park in front if needed. No problem, I said, we had meant to put a note on their door the night before with our phone number in case there was any problems, and had merely forgotten. He said it was no big deal, and that he liked our dog. He asked where we were from, and I said we lived in Washougal, but were staying in town so I could finish my last few days of college, which he seemed to like.

I felt very encouraged by this interaction, as parking in the city has been a source of stress for us, and its nice to know that there are understanding individuals out there. It also further affirmed the fact that if we properly communicate our intentions with our neighbors, they will be more likely to be understanding than if they wake  up to a bus in their front yard and no explanation.

One of the main goals for us on this trip is to make friends and connect with people, which means maintaining  humility in our interactions and hopefully returning the hospitality we have already begun to encounter.

Seeing as we’re still parked by my sister Emalee’s house and using her bathroom and kitchen, we’ve tried to repay her at least some. Joel did some of her laundry along with our’s yesterday, as well as hanging out with Lucy while Emalee was at work for a few hours. This afternoon he made deliciously wacky sandwiches with the awesome Grand Central bread from yesterday, sunflower seed butter, banana slices, tempeh and lettuce.

Emalee’s hospitality has been wonderful, and we haven’t even left Portland yet. I’m so excited to see who else we will meet along the way.

One Response to “Night Two”
  1. make sure you stop for an overniter @ our place before you take off on the road!

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