Rebuilding Center

    Today is the day we’ve all been waiting for: my last day of culinary school!!!

   It’s been a long road, starting back in March of last year. Ending today with an associate degree in Baking and Pastry Management. And we were this close to buying a vintage Welbilt oven/range today so I could bake on the bus!

   We ventured to the Rebuilding Center on North Mississippi today with our friend Joey. Our goal was a sink, kitchen counters, basin for the shower, and possibly a stove top.

    We were just leaving the sink section when we encountered a beautiful vintage range, with a price tag of 250 dollars. While Joel and I were both very keen on gaining the street cred such a piece could offer, the price combined with the fact that we weren’t sure it worked or would be efficient, meant passing it up.

   Our treasures ended up including a double basin stainless steel sink, with no faucet holes because our plan is to have our water come from above, to supply pressure. We also got a matching set of cabinets to put on either side of the sink. We’ll be needing to find countertop, and the stove and shower basin are still up in the air.

   Overall a successful trip, bus kitchen on its way!


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