Of Robes and Rainbows

Joel and Brittney stand next to their bus after a rain shower in Washougal, Washington. 5 May 2012.

Aw, dude, it was incredible! On the evening of my birthday party we drove up to the house in the bus with some party goers in tow and upon our arrival were greeted by this sight: Two full rainbows, the larger of the two had a second layer of rainbow directly beneath it. Hands down the most breathtaking rainbow spectacular I’ve seen.

And yeah, the party was pretty cool too! Sweet bonfire, lotsa Animal Collective, and hibiscus-cherry chocolate cupcakes courtesy of my sister (Thanks Dawn, upshowing the professional!)

   This is our friend Jeremy wearing my birthday robe, twas a highlight.

Speaking of robes, here’s a video I took of Joel posing in his robe we acquired at a clothing swap. We like robes ‘n comfy stuff.

More again soon friends, but right now I’m gonna go to sleep. On the bus. On the king size bed Brandon helped us shove in the front door. Good thing we tried it before going through the trouble of taking out the windows!


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