The Love Bus Installs a Water Tank

It’s questionable if this is going to work. More likely it’s a catastrophe waiting to happen, but we’re having to much fun renovating this thing to worry about it. But really (Mom and Dad) we’re planning to secure it with straps that will be more durable.

In the mean time the bus has been working hard, which includes new solar panels, a vegetable oil conversion, and astroturf!

Here’s a picture of the water filter that Joel installed as well.

2 Responses to “The Love Bus Installs a Water Tank”
  1. betabus says:

    Oh Joey, have more faith man! It is much more plausible that this tank will house the water of life than any negative sort of outpourings!

  2. Meagan says:

    That’s awesome, just hope it works 🙂

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