SOAK at Prindel Creek was a great success. The bus arrived late in the afternoon after it had to replace a battery that was accidentally drilled into. That afternoon at the Lollipops and Bodyshots camp people fell right into place among good friends and other Burners. There was an enormous spirit of hospitality and openness as one frequented the numerous theme camps. They were located all over the property which Joel, Brittney, and I had helped to clear forrest brush away for earlier this summer at the Work Party.

Burning Man events are marked by its decentralization and “do it yourself” theme. For example, with absolutely no trash cans on site, everyone’s trash was each individuals responsibility to take with them and dispose of elsewhere. This theme of decentralization resonated throughout the event and sang loud and clear. People toured the event at their own will and pace: stopping to say hello, help out, and dance their socks off. One strength of this event was that nothing was to far away. Although each camp was more or less willing to share their supplies, one was never a mile away from their own camp.

There were three different burns that served as the “main” attraction. The Appetizer, the Effigy, and the Temple. The Effigy was a wooden Tyrannosaurus-Rex dinosaur. Before the Effigy, fireworks lit up the sky and brought everyone together to observe. Fire dancers exhibited their talents as more people continued to arrive. Then came the gasoline which The T-Rex was doused in. In the blink of an eye it was lit on fire: burning this way for some time before it could no longer support its own weight and eventually collapsing on itself. At this point SOAK staff withdrew the barrier they were keeping and people joined even closer to gather around the fire.

Between the faint showers of water and the warmth of the fire, people began to shed their clothes and dance. There was an underlying degree of respect and tolerance among it’s participants. This was a celebration of the sort of magic that makes life worth living. But most of all, people were able to be people and it’s success is due to everybody’s hard work and participation. We put the show on for ourselves: it is only as good as you want it to be. This means costumes, theme camps, holla-hoops, bubbles, fire spinning, juggling, yoga, meditation, dancing, sharing, and caring.

The Effigy was Saturday Night, the Temple Burn was Sunday at Dawn. Like myself and many others who I spoke to, we were sleeping during the Temple Burn. Howver, Sunday was marked more significantly by countless “goodbyes.” Names and numbers were exchanged and friends and family were made. It is difficult to move on after such an extraordinary event. Like waking up in the morning after a spectacular dream, the cold floor beneath your feet does not feel as promising as the warmth you’ve collected beneath your blankets as you dream during a long nights sleep.

Now the Love Bus is off to Boulder, Colorodo where it’s going to make a pit stop for supplies in order to finish its vegetable oil conversion. Hope to see you there!

4 Responses to “SOAK!”
  1. Such amazing pictures, Joey! Looks like you guys are having a great time. Sending love and hugs!!!

  2. Deadletter says:

    Do you have any more burnasaurus pics? Deadletterb (at) gmail (dot)

  3. Meagan says:

    Beautiful words

  4. amelya says:

    Heyyyy!!! My friends and I met up with Joey and had a grand time roaming the property laughing our heads off!!! Your trip sounds amazing, I look forward to reading more of your great adventures!

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