Journey to San Diego

Before Burning Man there was no clear direction for the Love Bus. However, on the last day at Black Rock City, Tina Nomad visited BoCoNoCo where the bus was camped. She is the team coordinator for parking at YOUtopia (San Diego’s regional burn) and offered everyone on the bus the opportunity to volunteer at the event as well as spend time with her in Ocean Beach.

Tina Nomad stands outside the Love Bus in Ocean Beach, San Diego. 13 October 2012.

With only a month to pack their things and leave, the Love bus was selling stuff, burning stuff, fixing stuff, and giving away stuff. Fortunately, Joel is also Craig’s List savvy and Portland, Oregon is passionate about its thrift culture.

A yard sale for the Love Bus in Northeast Portland, Oregon. Hosted at their friend, Jean’s house on 29 September 2012.

On the last night in Washougal, Washington the Love Bus’s friend, Chris, visits the farm to hang out. 27 September 2012.

Staying well fed, gourmet pizza is prepared from scratch by Brittney. Topped with organic vegetables and free range lamb sausage from Deck Family Farm, Oregon. 9 September 2012.

On October 3rd the Love Bus was finally ready to leave. It put out a final call on Craig’s List for anyone that wanted to ride down the California coast. Since those who had contacted us earlier in the week had found alternative rides, with only an hour before the bus was to leave, one last person, Claire, contacted us. Soon her and one of her friends were on the bus with us all going to California!

After the first night of driving, the Love Bus reaches the coast of California. 4 October 2012.

The first night on the road we arrived in Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park. That next day Joel drove the bus through the Avenue of Giants, where everyone had the chance to get out and explore the Redwoods and its wilderness.

Prior to meeting Claire and unbeknownst to them at the time, Joel and Brittney had first met her at the 2012 Rainbow Gathering in Bristol, Tennessee. Here she is again at the Redwood Forest. 4 October 2012.

Joel and Brittney walk through the Redwood Forest in California. Some of the trees here are more than a thousand years old.

The Love Bus made great timing, and on October 6 parked itself in San Francisco. At this time Claire made her departure from the bus to stay at her brother’s apartment. It wouldn’t be the last time we would see her – Joel and Brittney ran into her once more at the twelfth annual Hardly Strictly Festival.

Located at the Golden Gate Park, this year was the twelfth year of the Hardly Strictly Festival. Every year it is free and open to the public.

Soul Rebels from New Orleans play on Sunday 7 October 2012, which is the third and last day of the Hardly Strictly Blue Grass Festival.

The Bison Paddock at the Golden Gate Park is in San Francisco and has been in existence since 1891.

The Golden Gate Park is a terrific host for any event, boasting a diverse setting of plants and animals.

Joel and Brittney walk through the Golden Gate Park, a 1,017 acre park, which is 20% larger than that of Central Park in New York City.

The view looking North from Corona Heights Park in San Francisco. 6 October 2012.

Haight-Ashburry district in San Francisco is a historic place for modern American counter culture, where Beat writers and Hippies once meandered.

One Block away from the Golden Gate Park and right off of Haight Street, the Love Bus slept here for a night.

Since October 9 the Love Bus has been staying in Ocean Beach, San Diego, where they are excited to volunteer at YOUtopia this week. Once back in town they will attend an orientation with Emerald Village Organization for the beginning of a nine week program. The village is located on a ranch in Vista, California, whose goal for the next couple months is to build more shelter for their growing intentional community.

Ocean Beach possesses an outgoing culture that is hospitable and friendly; the Love Bus is happy to have the opportunity to visit here. 13 October 2012.


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