Emerald Village Organization

At Emerald Village Organization, members sit together during a “circle of gratitude” before a brainstorming effort for the next building project. 31 October 2012.

Thanksgiving at Emerald Village Organization (EVO)

Guests arrive to the Tea House for Thanksgiving.

The kitchen at Emerald Village is on loan from Chef Benjamin, the founder of Organiculture Brand Foods and Restaurant Group.

Master Compostor Nick leads a workshop about composting at Emerald VIllage 17 November 2012.

Planting a cherry tree from Exotica.

Interns at Emerald Village plant pomegranate and cherry trees from Exotica 14 November 2012.

(LR:) Tony and and Bianca build a retaining wall for a garden 14 November 2012.

Volunteers help to install a grey water system for the yurt during a weekend work party 11 November 2012.

Members of Emerald Village Organization (EVO) visit Exotica Rare Fruit Nursery, located only miles away from them in Vista, California, 27 October 2012.

Joel and Brittney work closely in the garden at Emerald Village planting pomegranate and cherry trees 14 November 2012.

Nick (right) purchases plants Steve at Exotica Rare Fruit Nursery to be planted at Emerald Village Organization 27 October 2012.

At Exotica Rare Fruit Nursury, Visitors are welcome to sample ripened fruits which hosts a unique array of plants in Vista, California.

Joel and Brittney on the first day of construction work on the Bridge House 23 October 2012 on the Bridge House, which is intended to support ongoing programs at Emerald Village.

Accompanied by their teachers and parents, children from the Sanderling Waldorf School visit Emerald Village for a Lanturn walk 8 November 2012

Members at Emerald Village Organization celebrate the weekend with a fire jam, an exhibition of flow arts which include an array of talent 26 October 2012.

Tsunami runs freely throughout the neighboring property during a hike 28 October 2012.

An unidentified reptile as seen on the hike. 28 October 2012.

At Emerald Village Organization, members sit together during a circle of gratitude before a brainstorming effort for the next building project. 31 October 2012.

Ad takes a breather during work 1 November 2012. Once he is done, the Bridge House will have electricity.

In the East field, members of Emerald Village discuss their day’s procedure in the garden 21 November 2012.


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