It began with a bus. A 1990 Thomas diesel pusher with 150,000 miles. Acquired on the cheap through a group deal involving a pastor of a church and the Hood River School District.

And then there’s the incessant rain in Portland, Oregon. Add in some land in Washougal, Washington on which to work on the bus, a boy who wants to find the perfect ecovillage to live on, a girl just finishing up her degree in baking, and a dog with way too much energy for city living.

What you get is a recipe(pun intended) for a magical bus adventure across the United States(and beyond?). And what compliments an adventure better than a curly-headed blonde boy with wide eyes and a camera?!

2 Responses to “About”
  1. betunada says:

    knowwwunzz kawminted, yet? @least (and it’ll be MORE) you have threeDUZZZNN followers.
    the pied pi-hypher !

  2. clientsi says:

    I love your idea for adventure. I’m about to go backpacking across the world, my life long dream! I will keep checking out where you are. Vagabonds unite!

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