SOAK at Prindel Creek was a great success. The bus arrived late in the afternoon after it had to replace a battery that was accidentally drilled into. That afternoon at the Lollipops and Bodyshots camp people fell right into place among good friends and other Burners. There was an enormous spirit of hospitality and openness … Continue reading

Down and Dirty Bus Repairs

For three day’s the bus wouldn’t start when we wanted it to and remained locked in the mechanic’s garage the first night. Joel hired a couple guys in Vancouver for the veggie oil conversion, whom that day spliced the fuel line and installed a valve that would switch the engine on and off between veggie … Continue reading

The Love Bus Installs a Water Tank

It’s questionable if this is going to work. More likely it’s a catastrophe waiting to happen, but we’re having to much fun renovating this thing to worry about it. But really (Mom and Dad) we’re planning to secure it with straps that will be more durable. In the mean time the bus has been working … Continue reading

Johnny walking his goats in Washougal, Washington. 28 May 2012.


Fact: vodka bottles make great feeding bottles for baby goats.  Fact: having baby goats live in your backyard is awesome. Fact: our housemates are awesome. Thanks housemates for having adorable baby goats that live in our backyard! Sooo much has changed on the bus! If I showed you what it looks like now you wouldn’t even … Continue reading

Life Happens

What has been happening!? Just as I suspected, keeping up the discipline to write posts when the time is not scheduled for me has proven difficult! Joel and I were talking this morning about letting life happen versus making life and happen. There’s a tricky line one must walk between being open to what the … Continue reading

Of Robes and Rainbows

Aw, dude, it was incredible! On the evening of my birthday party we drove up to the house in the bus with some party goers in tow and upon our arrival were greeted by this sight: Two full rainbows, the larger of the two had a second layer of rainbow directly beneath it. Hands down … Continue reading

Rebuilding Center

    Today is the day we’ve all been waiting for: my last day of culinary school!!!    It’s been a long road, starting back in March of last year. Ending today with an associate degree in Baking and Pastry Management. And we were this close to buying a vintage Welbilt oven/range today so I could bake … Continue reading

Night Two

Important update! I successfully closed the bus door on only my second try this morning. Woot! Someday soon I will be giving the lessons and making it look easy. We spent our second night on the bus. It was even colder last night, in the mid-forties, and we were still toasty under our layer of blankets. … Continue reading

First Night on the Bus

   I’m officially moved out of my apartment! After I went to school yesterday Joel, Emalee, Lucy, and our friend Joey  painstakingly scrubbed over the whole place with a fine tooth comb. They did a lovely job and I’m eternally grateful!    This is all my stuff plus a futon and frame that Joel found … Continue reading