Support Love

Love needs/wants:

– Three 6v deep cycle batteries (the ones we have are old and do not work so well)
– Heat plate exchanger
– Projector screen (plain white sheet would work nicely!)
– Cheese grater (not intended for cheese! LOL!)
– Clean vegetable oil (with no water in it)
– MIDI adapter (for djing)
– Noise canceling headphones
– Money (for the occasional diesel fill up when we cannot find veggie oil, and food)

Email if you can help in any way! Loving you!

Click to Donate to our cause!

– Flower of life stickers – Justin from Portland
– Video projector – Clay & Toby from Arden
– Sound system – Ian from Arden
– Jackets, jewelry, quality motherly advice – Mary from Arden
– Dinners- Mick, John, Jennifer from Arden
– Dog treats – Buttercup
– Pool passes – Diane & Victoria from Arden
– Chalkboard paint – Victoria from Arden
– Veggie tank piece – Phil from Arden
– Vegetable oil conversion expert – Joel transformed!
– Cast iron pans, mugs, back brace – Jerry from Waterloo
– Fly swatter – Dawn from Portland
– French press coffee maker – Tree of Life Thrift Shop in Mission SD
– 10R22.5 tire – Bus Shop Mission SD

Thank you for supporting Love!

2 Responses to “Support Love”
  1. believebus says:

    Thank you god, and everyone that has been abundantly generous. We cannot believe the amount of help we have been getting.

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