Emerald Village Organization

The kitchen at Emerald Village is on loan from Chef Benjamin, the founder of Organiculture Brand Foods and Restaurant Group. Advertisements

Journey to San Diego

Before Burning Man there was no clear direction for the Love Bus. However, on the last day at Black Rock City, Tina Nomad visited BoCoNoCo where the bus was camped. She is the team coordinator for parking at YOUtopia (San Diego’s regional burn) and offered everyone on the bus the opportunity to volunteer at the … Continue reading


SOAK at Prindel Creek was a great success. The bus arrived late in the afternoon after it had to replace a battery that was accidentally drilled into. That afternoon at the Lollipops and Bodyshots camp people fell right into place among good friends and other Burners. There was an enormous spirit of hospitality and openness … Continue reading

Rebuilding Center

    Today is the day we’ve all been waiting for: my last day of culinary school!!!    It’s been a long road, starting back in March of last year. Ending today with an associate degree in Baking and Pastry Management. And we were this close to buying a vintage Welbilt oven/range today so I could bake … Continue reading

Where will the bus take us?

This is how excited I am about the bus project! I’m also practicing my skills for when we have dance parties on the bus after we install outdoor speakers and party lights(hopefully!). Another one of our plans is to go to the Rainbow Gathering on the East coast in July. For a quick info session on the … Continue reading

Inspirational Moment

Good day friends!   I’m going to take a break from updating for a moment to share some other conversions I’ve come across during my travels on the interwebs! First up is a bus for sale that I came across looking at the blog of Lloyd Kahn, who is the editor-in-chief of Shelter Publications, as well … Continue reading