Johnny walking his goats in Washougal, Washington. 28 May 2012.

Fact: vodka bottles make great feeding bottles for baby goats.  Fact: having baby goats live in your backyard is awesome. Fact: our housemates are awesome. Thanks housemates for having adorable baby goats that live in our backyard! Sooo much has changed on the bus! If I showed you what it looks like now you wouldn’t even … Continue reading

Life Happens

What has been happening!? Just as I suspected, keeping up the discipline to write posts when the time is not scheduled for me has proven difficult! Joel and I were talking this morning about letting life happen versus making life and happen. There’s a tricky line one must walk between being open to what the … Continue reading

Of Robes and Rainbows

Aw, dude, it was incredible! On the evening of my birthday party we drove up to the house in the bus with some party goers in tow and upon our arrival were greeted by this sight: Two full rainbows, the larger of the two had a second layer of rainbow directly beneath it. Hands down … Continue reading

Night Two

Important update! I successfully closed the bus door on only my second try this morning. Woot! Someday soon I will be giving the lessons and making it look easy. We spent our second night on the bus. It was even colder last night, in the mid-forties, and we were still toasty under our layer of blankets. … Continue reading

First Night on the Bus

   I’m officially moved out of my apartment! After I went to school yesterday Joel, Emalee, Lucy, and our friend Joey  painstakingly scrubbed over the whole place with a fine tooth comb. They did a lovely job and I’m eternally grateful!    This is all my stuff plus a futon and frame that Joel found … Continue reading

Moving Sale at the Wash World

   Moving sales are hard work! Most garage-sale-goers, whom we were trying to reach with our multiple Craigslist ads, like to wake up early and get their shopping done before I normally eat my breakfast. Waking up early and committing oneself to not leaving the house till late afternoon can be taxing. With the exception … Continue reading

Moving Sale!!

   I have a confession to make: I have(had?!) a lot of stuff. I’ve lived in the same apartment for two years and managed to accumulate, umm, a bunch. I’m moving out and moving up to Washougal to be closer to the bus, and there’s no way all this stuff is coming with. I am super talented at procrastinating and … Continue reading

Where will the bus take us?

This is how excited I am about the bus project! I’m also practicing my skills for when we have dance parties on the bus after we install outdoor speakers and party lights(hopefully!). Another one of our plans is to go to the Rainbow Gathering on the East coast in July. For a quick info session on the … Continue reading

A Day in the Life

Good Morning! Tsunami, its a glorious day! Why the serious face? Oh yes, you are bummed because it is waaaaaay too early, and you are awake because Brittney has to go to work. Do not fret, you get to go to the farm and work on the bus today!    But first, you must accompany Joel … Continue reading

We’re getting warmer!

   The weekend! While it means no school for me, more importantly it means working on the bus! The physical work is a welcome change from using my brain all week. Like I’m doing now, since its Monday again. Join me as I reminiesce about the past few days?    Joel brought the bus into … Continue reading